German Girl in Dusty Field

Date: 8/4/2017

By PLUT520

We both were some sort of students in Germany, but it felt more like we were prisoners. We walked into a dirt field surrounded by a wall of fence. It was very dusty and dark day. As the field filled up with other people, i noticed everyone was dressed in rags, even me. everyone sat at one end of the field and there was a large projector at the other end, playing a movie. People became restless and started insulting and bullying me because i was not German like the rest of them. But the dream girl defended me, saying i was the first person to help her after the "Collapse of Germany". I'm not sure what she ment by that, but i knew she trusted me, and was loyal enough to defend me, even though i didn't know her name. So i asked her what it was. I can't remember what she said it was, but i remember her first name started with a W. She told me her name, and it took me a few tries to finally pronounce it correctly. She laughed at my attempts to say it properly. Then for whatever reason , people around us started dancing. The German Girl quickly asked if i could be her dance partner. i quickly started fumbling over my words and told her i didn't know how to dance. That didn't stop her though, as she grabbed my hand and led me into the group of dancers. She quickly popped a jig and started clapping her hands waiting for me to start. I panicked, worrying i would disappoint her, i looked at the other dancers and tried to emulate their moves. I quickly grabbed her hands and clumsily shuck and jived like the everyone else. She seemed to be enjoying it, and even i did after awhile. Unfortunately thats where the dream ended.