Grandpa's Retirement Video

Date: 2/20/2019

By MarC

My husband and I were on vacation in Seattle and the weather was really spotty. I looked out our hotel window and two of my friends that I met while I was dating my ex showed up to hang out, Dave and Shannon, my husband doesn't really know them and I haven't seen my ex or these friends in over 10 years. The next thing I know, I hear my Grandpa's wife talking. I turn to the television and realize we are watching an old home video of my Grandpa's coworkers (his wife worked with him) reflecting on their time with him at work and wishing him well on his retirement.---- I woke up and as we all do, reached for my phone. The first post I read was a repost from reddit on Facebook of a handwritten thank you letter, written by an 86 yr old man to someone he'd bought a VHS player from. He thanked them for allowing him to enjoy some home movies, one being wedding tapes and get this, his retirement party he had never watched that took place over 20 years ago!------ To make things even more strange my aunt I haven't spoke to in 2 years called me yesterday and gave me an update on the same grandpa! He and his wife are moving to a retirement community next month. My husband thinks I am tapped in to the Matrix!