Wolves are a lot friendlier than than crows

Date: 5/13/2017

By fairyfina

So it starts outside and I'm feeding a few crows, and most fly away until one or two left. One starts to sprint up to me, really close and does not seem friendly. Another one follows suit. So I'm being chased around my back yard by two crowd aiming to bite me. My family, who are inside and watching, mostly find it quite amusing as I procure a shawl-like thing and start flapping around and jumping, effectively short-term flying to escape the crows. Before long the crows turn into some darkly-coloured variant of a wild canine(?) and I have to keep up the escaping act because they still aren't all to friendly. After a while, these turn into two white-ish wild wolves, whom are in fact quite friendly. I stop flapping around and cuddle up to them because damn, are they cute oversized puppies. At some point around here, my family makes a point that it's very hard to domesticate crows/ it's a lot harder to domesticate crows [than wolves]. At some point, either one of my older brothers or a stranger (?) bring one of those synthetic mermaid tails out, something that I personally think are really cool. So I put it on, and get into our pool with my brother and the stranger, swimming around incorrectly. It's at this time I noticed that the tail doesn't have a fun, and I never bothered to strap my feet in properly either. I do so, and keep going. Now, the stranger wants to communicate while we swim, and suggests a Facebook Messenger group chat, and the only issue I can think of is that we aren't friends on Facebook. I walk inside to our living/dining room anyway, where my mother is entertaining guests, and pick up my phone to do so, hoping my brother has already friended him to make the group chat. That's pretty much all.