Nightmare ughhhh

Date: 5/4/2017

By tiptipkitten

I only remember bits and pieces but here we go I lived in a world a lot like the hunger games one. I worked for the bad guys but for some reason I started to draw suspicion from them. Me and my sister were walking to my car after I was done with my shift I did leave a little earlier though. As we were walking I turned around and say the bad guys leader just as I turned around my bracelet broke and for some reason I knew that that meant he knew I'm not fully committed to the bad guys. Me and my sister got it the car quickly but I didn't get in the drivers seat I got on the one behind it my sister laughed as I went back up there the car started to move on its own. Finally I got in the seat and started driving into the nearby woods. For a while it was just bumpy forest terrain then we came to a dead end. We got out and the car turned into a wagon so we started pulling it as we climbed. For a long while it was just a bunch of scenes where we pulled the wagon around. Then we got to a cliff type thing with multiple weird looking ledges I pointed down there and asked my sister if that's where we need to go. In the end we decided it is we climbed down slowly cause the wagon finally we got down and next to the field below the cliff was a house (don't ask me why we were dumb enough to go in) we went in and it much like a bad guy house. We saw and fat guy sleeping on a couch facing a large window. I put my fingers to my lips in the shhh motion. Then I quickly swung on the nearby stair case handle thing (I forgot the name) As I was swung it made a loud noise and the big guy jerked in his sleep. But I swung almost to the bottom. I saw something down there that I don't remember but I retreated back upstairs. I looked out the window and saw girl I worked with coming to the house. I whisper to my sister to follow me out the back door but she didn't seem to understand. The girl entered and chaos ensued. It ended up with the fat guy grabbing my hand, my sister next to me and the girl with her arms crossed looking at me with disapproval. She lectured me and I don't remember much but something set me off. I went on about their system and some of the tortures they brought on some kids and in the end I was furious and for the first time I was tempted to kill someone in dream. The guy on the ground started squeezing my hand harder to the point my indream self couldn't take it. "That's starting to hurt" I told him surprisingly calmly. I asked my siblings (for some reason my little brother appeared) to help me out. Eventually we hurt him enough where he let me go and we started running outside. For some reason the wagon/car was gone and we were left to run on foot again. I saw the girl smirking at me from the house "don't forget to eat" she said