some weird shit

Date: 8/21/2017

By nexus

ok so today was suppose to be a regular day and all, my father wasnt working and my sister is in the house and together they make a lot of noise so i wasnt gonna try to lucid dream or astral project so here i am just laying in bed watching youtube videos and all of a sudden i get a little tired and i was on the fense of whether or not i should take a nap, outta nowhere my whole body gets super heavy and i lose my train of thought all i could feel was frequencies shifting around me and the world it was like everything was in sync it was so intense i was tossing and turning with little control over my muscle movement than when it finally stops i pass out or well my body did, anyways my mind was still awake and i could feel sleep paralysis hitting me but i was to conscious to just let it happen and i lost the feeling like three or four times in a row so than i lose my awareness and get thrown into a dream it was a bunch of stuff going on at once i couldnt hold on to one thought and i still cant but than it hit me i felt my body changing like the energy in me and around me and in the middle of my head it was pulsating and i got flashes of what was going on although my eyes were closed than when i drifted out of consciousness again i woke up in sleep paralysis but it wasnt regular sleep paralysis there were no dark figures or anything just energy that like made my body surge i was moving my head arms and legs but only some of them were moving im not sure if this was my astral body or my regular body at first but than some time past and i still wasnt able to move everything it stayed like this for about two to three minutes making it the longest one ive ever had anyways i get transported to this different place other than my room and it felt familiar at the time but now i noticed ive never been there before im still in sleep paralysis and i can see around the room with my eyes closed and i start to feel this energy again ive now been in sleep paralysis for about 5 minutes total and i start ro break down i get worried and almost started to cry over this sensation since in reality it was only about 5-7 minutes but in the phase it felt like time in itself stopped for a very long time like 10-20 minutes anyways i start thinking theres something wrong with my body and this isnt suppose to happen and i leave my body and go deep into like this dark abyss for two seconds to try and get up, i snapped back into my body in my real room and i finally broke out of it its been about ten minutes after when im writing this and everything feels weird, i woke up with a headache but it went a way fast and i cant help but feel this pressure in my head maybe the third eye? im not sure but whatever happened to me in this dream state effected me in real life to i noticed i still feel frequencies and the pulsating energy around me.