Kingdom of Rejection and Purpose

Date: 2/8/2017

By Fitful

I think it started with a new high school. I just moved there, it was interesting and different. A private school, like a boarding one, out in the middle of nowhere. They had odd rules. The principle didn't like me. I found myself connecting strongly to the people there. Teachers, students, even the families of the students, I felt a very strong connection to everyone, as if I loved them all. As if they were my family, even those I never met. However most didn't like me, nor want me there at all. Just standoffish they were. Magic things began happening. But they were easily dismissed by staff. First the library became off limits. Then home economic class. Finally I was disallowed my class's project, which was kinda like a thesis, based on the subject matter. Finally, very soon after getting there they demanded I leave. They said the school wasn't for me and I must go. I was to be shipped out that very night. I had made a strong connection to a girl, it felt different than falling in love or something. It felt like she was me, or another version of me, or someone I had been family to in a past life. Stronger than soulmate. It was like we were of the same substance. She showed me a few things which weren't allowed. Magic. There was something going on with her family, they were on another side of reality, what she called back home. If they escaped they appeared in little puffs of mirage and smoke, the ones who escaped were babies. They came out this little tiny volcano in the library, in a secret room. It was just this little protrusion from the ground , made of rock or crystal. And the things which escaped appeared to be alive and conscious, but you couldn't touch them, and they weren't any bigger than a quarter, and they came out either dark or light. Both resembled people, well babies, and had wings. But if you touched a dark one, it slashed you. She got upset when she noticed I had been slashed and put back the dark one herself scolding it like a sibling. Then something happened, a great unraveling of time, or of place, or of reality. I was locked or stuck or hiding somewhere it didn't effect me. A good friend, perhaps a prince or a king, got flat out erased. Everyone in the dream, all the people I connected with and who had been very standoffish with me, as if I was intruding and not playing the game, going against the rules, suddenly they were gone. And the world changed. And the people were clearly the same people, same characters, and looks, but now they were all part of a mideveal landscape. It was not a happy place. It was being over taken by a vast army and all the people of the original kingdom, my people, were in trouble. They were gone, sucked away somewhere, stuck. I was alone, but occasionally with someone. Sometimes it was a guy, who didn't make the best decisions sometimes. He was very intense. Sometimes I saw snippets of other people stuck in parts of this new reality. I was often alone. There was an old guy like Gandalf giving me vague mystical advice. I knew my path, I was going to restore the kingdom, and the people, and find the prince/King. He was lost in a other dimension, in a different story line, playing someone who resembled little John. I was traveling a lot, searching for a way to restore this place. I seemed to be traveling either toward the palace or in the opposite direction. The palace stood where the school had, but now I the entire surrounding valley looked like forest and valley and plane. I found a cave where this guy dwelled, the intense one, and he wasn't happy to see me. He showed me his home, he had made up one in a cave, it was nice. He talked about his true heritage and ancestors and the lamps he had made which hung around the whole cave. But he refused to go back at first, help me take back the kingdom. The palace hadn't been taken yet, we still had time. But he was very reluctant, he didn't want to disappear too. Finally he agreed and took over the quest, rushed about like he was in charge and I followed and helped. When he did magic and created a vast army of animated magic constructed animals to look like solders I was impressed. We held off the enemy army with that, sort of herded them where we wanted them, but the animals looked all like they had been killed. The herding was to look like an army had just come through and wiped out this fake animal army. Then the enemy would pass and feel fear, be forced to go in a different direction. I watched him lay down animated animals on the fake battlefield of death and felt sick. It was worse when he suggested giving them consciousness. I was upset he would give them consciousness just to kill them. When they were only magic constructs fake dying I felt uneasy, but this guy didn't really know what he was doing. He just was bad at war games and stupid and powerful. His fear was also evident. I began to think I should have taken over the job myself. He wasn't the one for it. I knew, beyond anything, I wanted to restore the palace. To what I didn't know, but it was necessary. I felt my entire life had been born to this purpose. But the only people who were available to help were either slightly incompetent, elsewhere, or refusing to allow me in. It was like this was some private hell I wasn't allowed to suffer with them or, gasp and blasphemy, help them escape from.