Scorpion in the Hotel!

Date: 8/27/2017

By DragonZBW

I am staying at some sort of hotel with my parents. It is an odd hotel because our room has one door leading into a foyer area and another door leading from that to the main area, like an airlock. The hotel room is quite large, and really is more like a full size house. It looks a lot like my grandma and grandpa's house. Every time my parents and I enter, we have to sit down at this table and say some specific thing, sort of like "amen" but I don't remember what exactly it was we say. Once, while coming into the room, Grandma and Grandpa are coming over. They enter before me and I notice some sort of big black bug on the wall. It looks like a big spider at first, but then I realize it's really a scorpion, although it's front claws look kind of like they're fused together. I warn everyone about it, and when I get in I make sure to quickly shut the door before it can get in and then quickly run through the second door and shut it too, just in case. My family and I are kind of creeped out for a while. I think later we find the bug inside and freak out, but I can't remember clearly.