Tiff: Apparently a criminal

Date: 8/20/2017

By Serena

I was Tiff for some reason? And I was going to shop for something important and they said I was a criminal. Then they told me to give them back a certain jar and pay the fine. I ended up in jail! Then I daydreamed in my dream about being a warrior princess (still tiff) and they said "You can take care of these bills however you want!" For some reason I was happy Next Scene: I was getting ready to dress up for a formal party (And yes I was still tiff!) and I was dressing up as a formal angel. And they were actually okay with it! Only I said "I don't think this is.. Well Formal! Don't you think" and a father said "I can see why you think so!" I was wearing a black spotted shirt with wings on the front and black spotted underwear and quickly realized that I forgot to put on my skirt which was black spotted with wings on the front Next Scene: (BTW: this was the first scene I went through before the scene about being a criminal and jail) I was sitting near an old woman. And that old woman was mad! Apparently a jar was stolen and the first convicted criminal was me... (BTW: Other people were there too)