Universe Hopping

Date: 4/15/2019

By Pandakitties

Don’t remember the beginning but was with my boyfriend and some friends, possibly family, trying to find a decent hotel for something. We eventually settle for a cheaper hotel (but there was a lot of us maybe 10-15 in one room) that had a crazy pool/slides and a pet store/petting zoo. I spent most my time in the pet store/petting zoo, but it was very unconventional. Horses were tattooed and spray painted, cows and bulls injected with steriods, kittens painted to look like lions and tigers, giant birds of prey etc. This lead to the discovery of my friend, who worked there, so I was able to convince to help me bust out these animals. I also on the side was studying the sun and the universe, and we were watching the sun cause it was apparently growing but it wasn’t supposed to be a problem until it did. The suns growth eventually turned in world wide chaos as the inevitable end was slowly dawning us. My partners and I had been researching ways to try to jump into an ulterior universe but we were worried we had run out of time. Me and the pet store friend (Jay), has had a breakthrough though, although I’m not sure exactly what it was. When the sun came, we took the time to take photos of it in our phones and Jay slipped into one of our snow suits. A solar flare came slicing into the earth, causing some kind of craziness and somehow just Jay and I were floating in space. She had the suit on, but she was okay while I did not and new only seconds before I would freeze to death. She tried to give me her suit but it would have been impossible as we started to float out into the darkness and the stars. But the freezing death never came, because suddenly I realized we were wet, and the blackness and stars were reflecting off water and in the horizon, was artificial light. We thrashed and screamed and cried until a boat came out and retrieved us, it took until light for us to arrive at the shore. We were in Earth! But this Earth was different, very industrial in the sense of mining, everywhere. The cities were in crude looking but floating pads above our heads, and the dominant race was the natives. After stumbling around confused for a while, unsure if this world was an alternate or just some comatose or another part of the world we’d never seen. We eventually just adapted to our surroundings with no answers, until there was another sun growing. This time it was much faster, Jay and I knew what was happening and tried to warn everyone but it was too much chaos. The only person who believes us was Mason, and followed our lead. We grabbed our pictures but this time kept the phone safe in our suits because the last phone was destroyed and waited. (Earth seemed to have slingshot through space.) The three of us woke up in a pond like pool. It was public use and cleaned but it had lily pads and cat tails and frogs, fish etc. The lady who ran the pond/pool was pretty surprised to find us floating with space suits, and she looked like one of the partners from the first hotel only something was off. Eventually, we remembered our phones and started asking questions about the sun expanding possibly the earth flying through space etc. The woman had no idea what we were talking about but, instead said that we were literally describing her research. We end up at a hotel and help with her research with her kids who live in a big home with a sauna and such who were moving into an old hotel converted with her new family. The dream ends abruptly, but is basically a walk through of their plans for their new place and helping them plan it out, my boyfriend going to the dentist and then the dentist took him to see Asia, and me and Jay realizing that maybe we have been jumping and that means others could have been jumping and we have no idea because no one is talking about it so I decide to create a blog then the dream ends.