Water Jump Facility, I am not real

Date: 6/6/2017

By littlejigglejar

The past few night I've been having multiple, crazy dreams; I've been "waking up" so many times and falling back into other dreams, sometimes the same ones as before. This morning I was standing on top of a water facility with a couple of my buddies which existed on a flat land of grass. On the roof of this facility there were 6 cylinders extruding upwards in a 2×3 fashion, looking much like the cooling vents of energy plants, except these cylinders were fitted with trampolines. My friends and I spent awhile jumping on them. Soon enough, a water tower appeared right in the middle of one of the now static trampolines, so we climbed and chilled on top. Little did I know about the material of this water tower and the surreality of the dream; I leaned back and pinched the tower with my fingers. POP. The entire thing explodes as if it were a ballon and we're sent plummeting towards the now-again stretchy trampoline. My friends make contact just a split second before I do; giving way to it's deformation. My downwards momentum follows through, rather than double bouncing I countine barreling down the height of the cylinder while the trampoline, wrapped around the back of my body, keeps stretching and eventually begins to tear. Once I have almost reached the bottom it snaps, I slam into the grass with the accompanying sound of shattering glass. My vision switchs to that of a 3rd person replay camera. I impacted the ground at such a speed that it managed to shatter the glass window of a door that was right next to me. Returning to 1st person I examine myself for injury and find something rather disturbing, my left index finger has been degloved and I dislocated my thumb. Tendons, bones, blood vessels, and fat were now visible from the open wound that extended from the tip of my finger to it's base while the muscles in my left thumb spasmed. Panic swiftly inssued as the gravity of the siutation settled in. I couldn't afford a trip to the hospital, nor have I applied for Medicaid, a solution was needed. "My mother could help." I thought with hesitation, considering the hefty bill. This was quite the gnarly injury, before proceeding with a healing process I decided to Snapchat my battle wound. My older brother Elvis saw this on my Snapchat and quickly prompted our mom, so there's two birds taken out. I was quickly on my way to the hospital in a brightly lit minivan. I had passed through a couple dream senquences in between where my status was fine but soon returned to the main story line. When I arrived to the ER I was greeted by doctor who acted almost exactly like Dr. Cox from Scrubs. He began telling me his life story, glorifying himself. I falsified a memory that I have heard this same exact strory from him before so I leaned over to my mom sitting next to me and said, "Oh, here he goes again." To which he promptly replied, "Alright! If you don't have time to listen to my story then I don't have time to treat you!" And he began walking away. Stress immediately set back in, I needed to fix my finger and thumb. "Wait! I degloved my finger! I need help!" The doctor turned around and started patronizing me. "Oh poor you! I hurt my little finger! How will I ever-" A moment of silence inssued as he finally inspected my wound, "What is that?!" Silence continued while he stared at it. "Can I touch it? Lemme see it." He began trying to manually stimulate the muscles in my finger as if he were playing around with a cadavor's appendage. "No!" I yelled. "You can't use me! Although, it is kinda cool, huh?" I inspected it even more closely to find that there was a lot of empty space in my finger, and a circut board? I looked at my exposed joint and the surrounding ligaments. It was all synthetic matieral. My blood vessels were composed of wires. "Did God make me this way?" I thought, and then it dawned on me. "Am I even human?" And then the dream ended. I went through several other dreams, even one where I told my buddies about the dream just described and brought them back to the jumpy water plant. This was the most prevalent one though.