The Army of Kek

Date: 6/30/2017

By johnmatrix6655321

I'm in this locker room of a building. People going in and out in squads - there's a picture of an outcome. I realize i must train the army of Kek and indoctrinate them into his religion. And i only have 48 hours total. Theres 2 people besides me. I ask their backgrounds to see if any military backgrounds are present, mostly to determine if there will be any challengers to my leadership or style. I know right away that i must be the leader even though I wasn't appointed because anyone else leading would mean that we would totally fail, since they were pussies. The first thing the instructions demanded is that we all strip totally naked. Everyone looking around to see what everyone else does. They start stripping slowly to 80%, scared. I dont strip. Then i see everyone isn't going any further. I know i must lead b example. So i instantly strip to 100%. We pretty quickly get clothed. I knew it was for uniforms, but i don't remember anything clothing related after that scene. More and more guys and girls are arriving staggered. While im solidifying my leadership, its getting hard to enforce because of so many new people. Luckily, new followers follow old followers. Some time later, i have them all in a line. They are very disruptive, as close cliques have grown amongst them. I start physically replacing them. Im trying to get decorum so i can start figuring out the training plan. Im pretty ruthless in my timber - im yelling in a military way the whole time. Im not very gentle with them, by design. I physically grab the biggest disrupters and place them in different pars of the line, to break up their cliques and others' cliques. One guy and girl had become a couple, and i broke them apart. As i was dragging the guy away i said 'you idiot, you could have had a pretty girl,' as if all he had to do as be quiet, and i slap his face once not too hard to drive the point home. Some lady steps out of line to try and help me control them, but all i see is a rival. I totally ignore he, and she's a weak leader, she cant even raise her voice. Seems like she could only lead if i quieted everyone down for her, but she was trying to negotiate one on one. I wasn't having any of it. I totally ignored her. Next day, i have everyone sitting in a classroom. We only have 24 hours, but we made it over the disciplinary hump. First challenge the ENTIRE time was that i was not able to call the room to attention. I thought this was because we did not have a team name. For some reason, i thought that the only good team name was the Jaguars, and that everyone should roar on command. However, i knew this would get laughed at and i would lose a lot of credibility for suggesting it, so i started asking for suggestions. But first, i got what i had wanted the entire time. I asked for who had a watch and assigned a timekeeper to a black guy to show I wasn't racist.], but also he was one of the few people with a watch. I was going to spend 10 minutes on this only. I start asking for suggestions on a team name. Pretty curly I realize that Jaguars was a retarded name, and an awesome name was Hydra -for a ton of reasons, one of which told them that they wer valuable but expendable, because if they quit/died, they would instantaneously be replaced. Their suggestions were totally retarded. I don't remember the details, but i only heard 3 - and they were dumb plays on words on what the previous suggestion was, and they thought it was funny. Something like 'comprise,' 'confrise', 'surpirse'. THose were the suggested team names. By the time i got to the fourth suggestion, she was just trying to tell me how to say something like 'here's a 5 dollar tip' in spanish. Eventually coach from BJJ shows up. He's got a giant military assault pack on his back. I figure he's supposed to be leading, but i know im still a better leader than him so i wave but ignore him. I think he came to the same conclusion so he gives me a thumbs up and disappears somewhere.