Lunch lady

Date: 7/21/2017

By emilyassoulin

Im at some sort of school, looks like some sort of private school or something. Everything is boring and bland. Everything is white, the floors, chairs, walls, everything. I am in a hallway with a bunch of other students. There are two lines to two separate doors, door A and door B. I am standing in a line by the A door and the person in front of me ask me if i have a schedule. I panic and start searching through my backpack. I start pulling out blank pieces of crumpled up paper. I never find my schedule. I am now in a cafeteria with all the other students. Its lunch time. I get in the lunch line with a tray that already has food on it. I walk up to the cashier to pay for my food. She is an older woman with red hair, she looks angry. I try to pay her but she doesn't respond to me. She just stares into my eyes saying nothing. I tell her i need to pay again. She suddenly takes a fork out of her pocket and sticks it in my food. She puts the food in her mouth but it never detaches from the fork. She then precedes to put the fork in my mouth. Im shocked. What are you doing i yell at her. She just stares blankly at me. I see a man in a suit standing next to her, maybe her boss or something. I go over to him and tell him what she did. Shes just doing her job, its ok he says. He leaves.