My Mom Hoards Toast

Date: 6/23/2017

By caitlynm14117

I was at this long table with a bunch of other kids who went to my school. I think the majority of them were older than me. The leader guy had brought this cute dog and it loved to be by me. So after a while of sitting at the table, I get up and go into this other room that kind of looks like a fancy lobby. The dog follows. There's this woman standing inside the lobby. She says that the leader guy who owns the dog is her fiancé and she needs the dog back. Somehow I convince her to let me take the dog for a little while longer, and I go back to my seat at the table. After I get settled, I noticed everyone was looking at the TVs that were on the wall above us. The TVs were showing a live action version of Wreck It Ralph. It starred Chris Pratt and this girl from my school (who's an actor irl) named Maggie. The weird thing was that Maggie was bald in the movie and I think Chris Pratt's forehead was bigger than it should have been. That's when I notice my mom's purse sitting by my chair. I open it and see she's put 4 pieces of toast in the left corner. Then I open it farther and farther until her purse goes back forever. In every available space my mom had stashed toast. I started laughing at the table, so hard that I was almost crying. I tried to tell them about the toast, but even when I showed them they just looked at me like I was an idiot. Then I woke up.