I rented a U-Haul by myself

Date: 7/8/2021

By Purple

In my dream, I was at some kind of garage where I was scheduled to pick up a U-Haul. It was a truck size I was not used to driving. I pulled it up to the right place to do the paperwork, but then I second-guessed myself. And then moved it to park somewhere else in the garage. One of the workers there asked me why I moved it. I explained why, but he didn’t seem to care either way. But then he told me to move it to where I originally had it parked. Suddenly the guy showed me a pink sweater and asked me what size I was. I already had my own pink sweater. They were two completely different styles and designs. The one that he wanted to give me somehow got wet. Strangely enough, my sweater also got wet. When I was ready to check out and drive the U-Haul away, we had to clear up some paperwork. I couldn’t believe it! I had already signed the contract without seeing the price. In order to rent that U-Haul, it would cost me $997! I felt stuck and trapped and deceived.