Plane crash

Date: 4/3/2019

By dollsteak1

I was in a plane that was rapidly descending. This was a commercial sized jet and there was one other person with me. We were in the cockpit. At the last second I pushed some button that saved us by deploying a parachute attached to the plane. All of a sudden I found myself back in the same situation, as if the parachute never deployed, only this time I was in communication with someone assisting me in landing the plane safely. This time I was waiting and waiting it seemed like too long. I was waiting for their signal as they were going to assist somehow with an additional parachute. Same thing, I pushed the button and the parachute deployed. We scraped the ground. It was a rough landing, but I was alive. In the aftermath of it all I began to walk around. There was no one except me. Eventually I came across a dog that appeared to be rabid. This triggered a memory of the same dog in the same situation that was very loving.