A Deadly Game

Date: 6/3/2017

By Adriana

Kestrel suggested we played a game. An ancient game. A deadly game. We were in that room. The huge one. It's dark and magnificent. In the center a platform where, on two sides, statues watch. One twenty times the size of myself, Hera watching over us, and one that glitters as if frozen in place. My mother. The game was a sort of hide and go seek tag. One person would begin the game with a glowing gold orb. It would grant any and all wishes, except any that would directly harm another player. The others had to find said orb if they wanted to take advantage of it. It must have been agreed upon, because I was then alone in that room. In the corner of my eye there was movement. I turned to see my mother falling back into place, watchful and silent. I ran to her and tried to rise life back out of her, but it was no use. I looked down, and in her cupped hands was the orb. It was no bigger than a grape, and it was warm against my fingers. I slipped it into my pocket and quickly left the room. A scene change. Now a third person view of two men standing on a balcony, watching the sky's. It was Kestrel and another- Lion. As they spoke a screeching was heard from above. They were attacked by beasts. As kestrel fought his sword suddenly had a glow about it. Every swing arced perfectly and the fight became a dance, one where Kestrel easily swayed and jumped away from the beasts while simotaniously landing hard blows with his sword. The monsters were dead. Kestrel grinned and turned to Lion. "I know who has the Orb" Scene change. First person. I am resting on my bed, watching the door. My heart raced. It had worked, the orb worked. My heart then swelled- I had protected Kestrel. He was okay. A loud rapping on my door. I jumped and they entered. Lion wore a sickly smile. "You have it." He approached slowly, stalking his prey and watching for the prefect moment to strike. I slipped the orb under my pillow. "No suck luck," I stood "Pat me down if you wish, but you will find no orb here." He shook his head and I retired to the bed once again. In his eyes I could see his plan. He would rip the sheets off of the bed in one motion, sending me flying. And the Orb. There was no escape. Only one idea presented it's self and I felt I had no choice. He had circled back around and was standing at the foot of my bed. My hand clenched around the orb, I was drawing a black. Lion moved forward and, as if having a mind of its own, my hand flew forward and released the orb. Lion was still for a moment, but I too was flying forward. I pushed past him. I had to grab the Orb and run. Maybe worth it I could wish an escape route. Scene change. I was lying on the floor of that room. The walls seemed to be closing in. I couldn't move. The orb was gone. A brilliant light glowed around me. Reds and pinks and oranges, swaying growing brighter. Warmth surrounded me. I had never experienced such love. It was gentle on my skin. It was tender and patient. I never wanted it to end. A figure stood just outside of the blazing circle. I didn't need to see his face to recognize him. Large and muscled, wide shoulders and hands in fists. Bear. A shape formed above me. A swan. It was only fitting. The creature floated above me and I wanted to reach out and touch it. The feathers looked so soft, the creature so calm. But upon moving the seal broke and took with it the lights and the warmth. I cried out and Bear rushed to my side. In a whirlwind I saw the truth of things. Kestrel and his spell, which like black smoke lifted from my skin. I turned my head to see shards of ice melting where my mother once stood. And finally Bear. Bear, who had always looked out for me. Bear who stood up for me when the others were harsh. I was a swan among the strongest of beasts, and there was a price to pay for being weak in this place. My fear of the man melted, along with my crafted love of another. My head was clear, and what K wanted even more so. Bear open his hand, and in the center of his palm, like the smallest of start plucked from the night sky, was the orb. It's glow seemed sinister now. We met eyes, and together must have come the the same conclusion, because Bear looked out on the vast darkness that surrounded the platform, the sea of black that would surely whisk away and who dared enter, and threw the star into it. In moments‚Äč the light was vanquished and the evil was put out. But the warmth at my side was enough to keep me from despair.