sharks, dead woman, angry lover, lucid dream

Date: 8/25/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was in a ship of some sort, and it was night time sort of, like dawn. I was a man though, i left the people in the ship to go on a row boat in the ocean. A woman wearing a red coat came in with me and we drifted off. Then i was laying down on the boat feeling very content but the boat was sinking slowly cos water was coming in due to the fact that the ocean was moving a little bit too much and the waves were a bit big. It was also very dark blue water. The woman drowned in the boat somehow and a piece of her meat had come off and slipped out the boat. It attracted small sharks that came and were splashing around, surrounding the boat. The dead woman slipped off the boat and i watched her sink as i still layed there, not caring that the water was sinking my boat. The people in the ship were trying to warn me of the sharks but i didnt give a rats ass about them. Then the dream shifted and i was emailing my lover. He was upset and he kept on accusing me of sleeping with other men i think. He kept on saying i didnt care about him anymore and said "am i your affair?" It was really weird. Then the scene shifted again and i was in my car, parking it in front of the store. I got out, and walked inside. At some point i realized i was dreaming and i stopped walking to take in my surroundings. I was totally lucid. The store was empty of things and was very dirty and dusty. There was an old man sweeping and another younger male in front of me who was staring at me very creepily, like he knew i was lucid and i wasnt supposed to be. I got scared and ran into the bathroom. It was dirty as well, so i got out and went back to my car. To my horror my cars window was broken and the stereo was completely smashed. Ooddly there were no seats. Then i woke up.