The Big Friendly Dog

Date: 3/7/2017

By Pippykat6

I was walking through Bearskin Neck with my friend Zoe, when we went into a bakery and I got a brownie, and Zoe got something too. We walked out. As we were walking and eating, we had a vivid conversation. We later came to Five Corners, and saw a huge yellowish-white dog being harassed by the animal control. For some reason, we felt the need to help it. So we both lunged forward, and started screaming at the animal control. They were so surprised that they dropped whatever they were holding, and looked at us. In the meantime, the big dog had run off. We walked away, and later found the dog wandering around the sidewalk around my house. I thought he looked so cute, that I decided To keep him. So I brought him inside, and, for some reason, he could be changed into whatever I wanted. So, it was easy to hide him. I turned him into a stuffed animal and put the real one into the closet. After that night, I decided you would like to be in his old form again, so I turned him into a dog. That day, I took him to the woods and told him to stay hidden hidden. Mother eventually found him and thought he was so cute. But she had to let him go. I later found him on the sidewalk. Then I woke up. The really weird thing was that the next day at school, Zoe, (who was in my dream) asked me what I had dreamt about. I told her. She said she dreamt that we were eating cheeseburgers inside the house, an someone came in and told us there were kittens outside that we could go and pet. But we didn't want to go. This is REALLY WIERD, because we dreamt pretty much the same thing, but opposites, and we were both in one another's dream. 😱