Porcelain Entity

Date: 2/25/2019

By PetrichorBleu

I am trapped in a theatre, an eldrich ballet of sorts is being performed. As I get up to leave after a disturbing first act, I'm filed into line with other audience members though before I was alone in the seats. I cannot find my way back to my seat, where I had my eyes on the exit doors, but am sent through a labyrinth of staircases with no destinations and balconies without entrance points. After a few minutes of wandering about the black walls, a porcelain doll which replicated one of the ballerinas appeared in front of me on a thread before a pair of scissors cuts the thread, and the doll falls and shatters on the floor; a moment later, the real ballerina is dropped from a balcony, her body severed and dismembered in the exact places her doll was broken. This continues with three more performers, and all but one of them meets the same fate, all but the one I managed to catch before it fell to the floor. All along, each doll seems to eminate a certain energy, but the entity that felt to be trapped inside the saved doll seemed to follow me out of my dream when I finally woke up. It's been following me since, and I have not been to sleep since.