Friends Dad was terrifying in his sleep, dance like prom, Tobias at Tim Hortons

Date: 3/31/2019

By levinelover

I was looking to live in an apartment in thornhill because it was so close to all my friends, but regretted it because I was in kira’s hometown and was thinking if it was worth it to be seeing my friends all the time. I went to a Tim Hortons and I was Tobias sitting at a table kinda laying his legs out. I couldn’t believe it cause I had actually had two dreams (in the dream) one where Tobias and one where Brandon Lipman was sitting at that exact table! Tobias was sitting in the exact spot he was sitting in one of my dreams, just in a different position. I was really happy to see him and I jumped on him with a huge hug and literally told him he was sitting in the exact spot as my dream. Then I was in a room with a couple of girls, but one of them I hated because she was crazy and annoying. She was wanting to try on dresses and makeup, but she was being so unbearable I kicked her out of the room. I told her she could play dress up in the hallway. She was freaking out and crying outside in the hallway and my friend felt bad for her and wanted to let her back in. I was also watching a very creepy episode of riverdale on my phone in that room. I told my friend to just go bring her some dresses to play dress up with and everyone will be happy, my friend agreed and happily went to the hallway with some dresses. My ex-dad was outside the building too, and he was on crutches. I had something wrong with one of my feet and also took a crutch to help me balance. Then decided might as well take two for fun. I walked about on my crutches, and hated being around my ex dad so I abandoned him too. In the episode of riverdale Simon Enarson (my best friends dad) was asleep with his eyes open. In his sleep, he would look and smile at the camera in a very intense and horrifying way starting straight into the camera. Even though it was only through the phone it made my heart skip a beat with fear everytime they showed him. He turned into a literal sociopath in his sleep! Later that day in thornhill I went to a huge dance, which was kinda similar to prom. I didn’t know everyone there, but I knew quite a few and it was really fun! At that dance Ryan’s creepy sleeping dad was there too.