The monster who farts croc

Date: 3/7/2017

By ilah

There was this monster roams this earth. It is from another planet or another realm. Or something. It doesn't really have a physical figure. It is infamous for its manipulative behaviour and take advantage of people who are unfortunate. So for some reason, this monster is trapped in a prison cell underground. It was foretold in an ancient history that a knight will rescue it. So the prophecy was right. There was a knight who stronger than anyone else. And handsome and charming. But he love dangerous thing. He love to challenge himself and prove his right. So he went on a journey to release this monster and kill it. The closer it gets to the the bunker, the harder his journey is. Until he reached a lake. Which marked the last place before he reached the bunker. This lake is filled with seaweed and other plants. Its so cramped with these plants that you can practically walk on top of it. So the knight walked on top of the lake. Suddenly, a crocodile as big as cars, shoot out from the lake and attacked the knight. Of course it was defeated. But another comes out and another. The knight had a difficult time fighting all these crocodile. -- The monster waited inside the prison cell patiently. It just finished its meal and it farts. The gas is green and toxic and just one sniff could kill a soldier. The gas is alive for some reason and absorbed onto the ground. A few hours later, this gas takes solid form and change into a crocodile. This crocodile then later crawl to the nearest water source which is the lake. So turns out, the knight was fighting the fart-crocodile all this time. And he keeps fighting it all day cause the crocodile keeps appearing one and another. Ironically, the monster is trapped in the prison for a long time because of its own fart. The end.