Killer man, killer cops, killer dog.

Date: 1/11/2020

By Lottie

I was walking out of a school, I think a college. I used s hoverboard (board that hovers) to leave, anyways some guy catches me outside and he has a knife, and a broomstick? Eventually I take the broomstick from him and start beating him with it, but it doesn't deter him, he's still going to kill me. Some police roll by and I scream for them, but they seemed to not care. After a while of him fighting me, lunging at me, & taking hits, I take his knife and plunge it into his chest. He wailed "no!" and "you fucking bitch" - I took the knife from him so he couldn't uno reverse and stab me too. I ran inside and told the secretary at the front desk to call an ambulance. [The meaning of the building changes, it's now my apartment.] I go upstairs to my apartment, scared as hell. I fed a wild animal that'd just made a home out of my home. I ran downstairs and went outside to check on the man outside that was going to kill me, but now, he's a massive dog that wants to kill me. I eventually get back inside and narrowly avoid letting him in.