I'm an idiot

Date: 7/27/2019

By GlitchedSanity

I was at home, then people and family started showing up. It became a party, my uncle had the infi ity gauntlet on his hand. It was made out of foil and plastic gems, he showed me how it worked my messing around with the proportions of the house which really annoyed me. After he explained how the gauntlet works, I was given it as a gift. I them started to change my hair color. Then I tried to fix the house but I made it way worse. I went into my bedroom and it was empty but huge there was a group of people smashing the cubard wall while another person was tryimg to make a bed to sleep in. I made a bed for him using the gauntlet then remembered that I could do what ever I wanted with the glove. I turned back time by half an hour to when the party began but to my horror the glove was unmade but my house was fixed the the party was differe and my house was a really nice modern house with really fancy party guests walking around who were also superheros and so was I. Then I saw braiden walking around as spot me he came over smiling he grabbed a bottle of spirit and started drinking it like water then laughed and said he though it was a beer. We laughed then I woke up.