The Dark Side Concert

Date: 6/30/2019

By shadesallday

This band I've I've never heard of released a new album called the dark side. I hurried there after work and some how got into the parking structure. Once at the top floor I saw cars flying of the roof, but actually the were more like cable cars suspended in the air. I drive to a guard and apologize for not paying. The say the system does work and give me a parking pass. After parking I walk back to the guard and ask how the entrance works. They point me to a female standing behind a podium. She scans my ticket and hands me a shirt. I have to wear the shirt in the concert. I leave the attractive young woman and enter the building. I find myself traveling to the lowest level of the building. There I grab a drink and get information about the flying cars. I check my watch and see that the show is about to start. I see the woman that was behind the podium and chat with her for a bit, I like her, then leave. I go back up and run into a coworker. We chat for a bit then part ways. Some how I end up lost, but find another friend. I let him know the co-worker is there and start looking for the girl at the podium so i can't l can change my shirt for a smaller one. I go back to the last place I saw her, but she is not there. I go outside and find her coworkers, but not her. I enter the building to go back to the top. The building is a maze and at one point I run into a group of cosplayers dancing. After what felt like an hour I'm on the roof. A security guard ask me to move as he starting blocking off the area for the line into the show. I look to the podium and she's there working on the next event. I ask her for a smaller shirt and she answers that they are out of medium, I state I'm look for a small. She opens a box and hands me a shirt. I start to take of me jacket, but my arm gets stuck in one of the sleeves. She helps me out and I make a dumb joke. My phone rings.... I'm awake