Thunderstorm, grocery shopping, and death

Date: 8/20/2019

By evp722

At the start of my dream I was at my friend’s house, except her house didn’t look like her house and her room was empty. Well anyway she was trying to film a YouTube video in her empty room, but it was thundering and lightning outside and she was apparently very scared of it. She told me about her fear and proceeded to lay down in the middle of her doorway..? My dream then skipped to the morning, and I was in a grocery store with my friend and her mom. There was news going around that Obama’s daughter died next door to the grocery store (that’s where Obama lived in my dream). My mother was visiting the Obama house because it was open to tours and visitors. She came back to the grocery store that we were in and said “It’s really dark in there” (meaning depressing). We acknowledged her comment and then continued with our shopping. I guess my mom moved to a different aisle and I told my friend that I wanted candy. We looked around a little more, and my friend spotted candy and said “Here’s the candy.” I picked some out, and I also decided to get a whole huge bag full of red bell peppers. I guess maybe we needed them for cooking something...? I woke up after grabbing the peppers.