Creepy Saloon Midget

Date: 7/15/2019

By Succ

I'm in a wild west saloon type place with my family and we're all wearing cowboy clothes. This midget guy walks by and says something. He seems drunk. He keeps talking to us and then my dad says something that the midget thought was rude. He says "Who said that!?" My bother says it he doesn't know but it was probably me. The midget guy starts attacking me and then leaves through the door for like 5 seconds. I see him coming back in through the window so right as he comes around the corner I kick a stool at him and he falls over. I keep kicking him and his head isn't real. It squishes like a dolls head. I take a pen and stab him in the head. His doll head rips open and as I'm stabbing him. He says "NOW see the farmland!" and keeps repeating that. Then I wake up.