Dumplings, zombies, waterparks, mechs, necromancy, and waterpainting

Date: 8/3/2017

By celestialbodied

I had a series of dreams last night. In the first dream, all was normal. I was making chicken & dumpling soup based off a recipe I watched last night on YouTube before sleeping. My mom kept bugging me to do the dishes but I was hungry & dammit I wanted dumplings. They were tasty. The house I was in wasn't mine, though. It was unfamiliar. That dream then transitioned into a dream about a zombie apocalypse. The zombies weren't hard to outrun, and some were tame or intelligent, and there was no gore and no one really died. Society had kinda just accepted that zombies we're a thing and most of them were just avoided like random animals on the street. A zombie chasing you? Duck into a storefront, wait for it to pass by, then go about your day. I think I sorta had a role in helping people accept zombies as a part of daily life, but I don't remember. Dream 3 happened with the zombie thing sorta in the background, in the same reality or what-have-you. The zombie world was always wet and rainy to some degree. The streets were flooded and some people got around by a public transit system of riding around on floatation devices. My dad and I rode with this dark haired lady to a lakeside where people were relaxing and swimming. There was a hectic scene where the water got rough and we got separated so it was just me and the lady, but it was more fun and not worrying at all. Dream 4 had transitioned to a scene taking place in a water park or something like it. Some superhero kinda like Star Lord from GotG and his crew were fighting a villain, who had yet to appear, and it played out like a movie with events I have no memory of. Then I appeared as some kind of Manic Pixie Dream Girl sort of spirit who was an old ally to this guy. I was floating around him with some intent to be mysterious, but it was an action comedy movie so I suddenly cracked a joke and all was funny. Then the Bad Guy Monster Supervillain appeared in his giant mech, and everything got all serious. I think the dream changed again, because something happened where Star Lord guy stopped being relevant and there was a scene from the villain's mech where he was told by a lacky that they'd found the skeletal remains of his lost love. And then necromancy was performed to bring her back to life, and it was me. Next dream, I was in a 3rd person PoV listening to someone talk about a race of aliens who did art with water. They talked while this woman from that race did a painting in black and white, in like this macro video format. There was a lot of philosophy in the permanence of strokes done in water compared to strokes done on dry paper. Aaaaand that's all.