Anticlimactic Nightmare

Date: 5/8/2019

By Imetaphor

I'm driving in Japan. It's hilly, the streets are narrow, tortuous, and strangely marked. I keep forgetting to drive on the left side. Also, I don't know my way around and the roads are slick with rain so my tires squeal when I turn and speed up. I enter the left tunnel into head-on traffic (because my subconscious also got confused that you drive on the left in Japan). I'm in the airport back from Japan. It was long flight but jetlag worked so that it feels like no time elapsed. I'm deboarding the plane with Jason from GMM. He keeps looking back, I ask why, he says for the boquet. I tell him it's over there on the pier right next to him, but he doesn't see people in wedding party attire. The bride tosses the boquet and she's off by 90 degrees. Everyone looks around nervously. She stands right in front of the nearest person and tries again. An Asian guy catches it. The girls behind him complain. He starts eating it because it's a burrito. I'm in a world where Harry Potter is an old retired celebrity. I'm escaping from villians in a house with a girl I'm trying to protect. We slide down carpeted stairs on our faces and get out the door. Somehow the girl is on her own cornered by the main villian but she has one of his guns. He taunts her that she can't handle the recoil because it's a 12 gauge (but it looks like a silver .50). She shoots to wound him and escapes. Later she gets caught by two villians, then a third one all pinning her to a bed. I come to the rescue and try fighting them off her, then use a potion-powered stun baton on their heads to knock them out. The girl and I run out of the house again. We're almost too tired to run but we encourage each other that we'll see our parents again, and each other's parents. We get to my old house, then the back yard, our objective. We have all we need to finish the mission except a TV. Now our pursuers are in the house. We go to a neighbor's house to use their TV. I use magic to turn it to channel 2, remembering instructions from an old man, because it's Halloween. The witch from Snow White is on, so we can talk to her. A helpless little Yoda-sized witch from Snow White is here in the living room. Then other people show up and it's like we've been having a sleepover and the entire dream is different. Two dads talk about using a manscaping kit.