strange things and places

Date: 7/5/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

I accidentally erased my last entry but I will try to put back what I can remember. I remember I was hanging out with a bunch of people one was on the phone asking someone for a record contract. Seems that everyone in that group was a performer of some kind and had some kind of talent. I remember a firework. A miniature rocket that I was walking outside to light and the sprinklers turned on and ruined everything. I remember watching video of myself and someone else working in a warehouse. I had long hair that was braided on either side. I went back to sleep after waking up and I dreamed that I was in a church. A Catholic Church. I was there with d and some other people that I knew for some reason Bobby and Stephanie and we were staying there like it was a hotel. I remember sitting in the back and changing and there was a pile of clothes for me to change into. I remember there were people who were there early for the 6 a.m. service and me and D were in the back I walked out to say goodbye to Stephanie and a bunch of her friends who are all wearing matching white sweaters with a strawberry on them. Hers was green and white and red like a Christmas sweater. When I walked back inside D was participating in the service and I sat next to him and began to change into some different clothes. There was garbage there, leftovers from what we ate. I think it was chicken nuggets. There was also a little girl in what looked like a phone booth who was playing a video game with the TV right up on her face.