purple rubies

Date: 1/30/2017

By SyieraRose

I was at Buena High school and there was a kid I used to be in elementary school with who liked me and I was like "nah, thanks though" and then like as time was going on he was growing on me and all that shit, but that isn't the meat of the dream. While all of this was happening, Hillary Clinton was doing her sneaky campaigning shit. And then I found these purple rubies that light up and I was like "IT DO EXIST" and while she was doing a live campaign speech thing at the school, I disrupted it and said "She's been lying to all of you, look!" I showed the rubies and said "They do exist! and they're growing" and then Hillary was all "Get her out of here" and her minions were chasing me so I ran and then all of a sudden there was a building that no one ever paid attention to and I was hiding in there holding on to the rubies I had been finding whilst I was running away. As I was running to the building, I saw Hillary in another building telling her minions that I must be destroyed. Then I ran to the building and locked it, then looked around and found a bunch of secret compartments for me to hide in. And then I heard someone trying to get in to the building. So, I panicked and tried finding the best hiding compartment, but then a woman (I don't remember who) came in and she said "I'm on your side, hide in the chimney" and taking a risk I hid in the chimney and Hillary's minions ran past the building. Then I woke up as I was looking at the rubies glowing in the darkness of the building.