Loosing kittens

Date: 5/19/2019

By devil_squirrel_paralysis

The beginning i was just playing summoners war and then i saw a kitten in the road and i grabbed it and it was adorable then i saw a bunch more alive and run over by cars on the road so i went across the road and found a bunch more so at that point i just filled my pocket with white and brown kittens there was tiny tiny ones and there were just kitten sized kittens but then my dad said to get inside quick because of spongebob for some reason i dont remember so I grabbed as many as i could find and i went back across the road and it was this weird ass hotel room that was supposed to be fancy asf but the switches for the lights were in random places and there was one for short people to use the sink like the sink just moved down when i walked in. And there was a light switch to turn the water on in the sink for some reason. So i just have all these kittens everywhere in this room and i was thinking of putting them in a box to keep them safe but they all eventually walked away or something and i lost all of them and that made me sad but i woke up not long after i think they died in a summoners war game