Day Care, City Adventures and Portal Powers

Date: 5/31/2017

By LionFoot65

I'm at work and we get all the kids inside this room until they all leave. After that my dream seamlessly starts transitioning so that I'm in this gym where I see my boss and his supervisor and then suddenly I'm with people from my high school in that gym and we start playing dodgeball lol. But for some reason instead of throwing dodge balls we're throwing pink oval blobs of some sort. When I throw one of the blobs for a second time, I notice that all the people on the other side of the dodge ball/basketball court have all left the gym somehow and the Dream seamlessly transitions into city and I find that I through one of the blobs and almost hit one of the city residents and instead hitting one of the rectangular pillars of this building. After that I go through this restaurant and bump into a lot of people along the way and I eventually make it out on the next block. After that I walk by this store and somehow I convince myself that I drove here with my dads car so I try to find a way to park it without anybody stealing it and I conclude for some reason that the best way to is to send my dads car into this void portal that I can create at will with a device? When I'm satisfied that no one in my dream (keep in mind that I'm still not lucid lol) could possibly steal my dads car, I walk into the store and notice that it's a pet store and I even see my cat there (except for a lot fatter) along with some fish nearby him and also some worms which I notice that some of them have crawled out of their containers so I try to save them from dying by putting them back in. After that or maybe before that lol, I'm in this place where there is this music band is playing and a friend of mine randomly starts DJing and shit for them which also sounds pretty good. After that this one small insecure looking kid starts trying to tell me to get lost so I start messing with him and making him more angry by mocking him lol. After that I use the void portal while in the store/mall place to go outside instead of using the front doors lol. When I get outside I start trying to bring my car back from the void by manifesting it through faith. I then see this weird looking kid whose eyes look oddly conscious and who was seemingly right beside me for a good amount of time while I'm thinking about how to manifest my dads car back from the black void portal that I sent it to and he asks me if my name is Edgar Sanchez and I'm like yeah and he's like "that's awesome bro, so how's it going with that dab rig business? " and I was like, "I think you got the wrong Edgar Sanchez" and he was like "It's cool man๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜Ž" Next Scene: Apparently I get in "trouble"with EDP which is my work and my boss just tells that as long as I don't tell anyone what I did wrong then I won't get in trouble. After that I go home high af for some reason and when I do, I talk about me having a sexual double date with my friends and asking my brother what he thinks of it while I push the bubbles down on the lids of the fast food cups lol. Next Scene: I go work again and I walk through the playground for some reason and the teachers and kids are looking at me weird until I realize what I'm doing so I go through this side fence that doesn't exist in real life. When I start walking outside the playground, the teachers turn into EDP group leaders without me noticing and they start singing and I honestly think they're pretty good especially my coworker friend Joel.