Ghouls and Growths

Date: 8/12/2017

By Charlie

I was looking for abandoned places to explore and I found one by the water that had some wierd loading dock bridge thing into the water that I started to climb on. It was on a pivot so it started to spin once I put my weight in it. A scary boat honked the horn as it came outta nowhere and I ran up the ramp to run away. I didn't have my clothes on as I ran away and had to get back the the car shoeless and had to find a way to get my stuff back. I had some shoes in the car. I put them on and ran back when I tried to make friends with this talk ghoul family man farmer dude. I got my stuff back. I went inside and the dream changed a lil. I was waiting for my fam to pick me up from my girls house. (I know we kissed and cuddled but I can't remember too much of be rest of that segment) I was at some large indoor talk/event. I went to the back of the crowd where all the important people sit and I saw rich piana and his wife at the far side by the window. I asked if I could come se them again somewhere to get my 'kill it' hat signed. His wife said rich won't be at the event tomorrow but she will and I can be in one of her videos if I wanted. Rich would be back on Friday. I worked out with rich and he gave me tips as to how to do a proper pull up by making my hands sit wider. I couldn't do it because the dream made my arms bend and look broken. I couldn't move them properly. Also when I asked to see rich as I was talking to his wife I was so nervous that I couldn't talk properly as if I had a heap of flem in my throat. I was in some library at a mall/ hogwarts school and the library lady told us we al had to leave and come back later. We were all annoyed and walked out. On the rack was some robes so I put them on cos I realized we never wear them at school. I caught up with some people walking in robes and I made jokes about how silly the robes were and tripped over them and they flailed about int the wind like crazy. We eventually malde it outside. I was running away from Will Anderson with some chick and Corey as a goof. We ran down some stairs by the water at night. We ran into a basement room and planned to trap him inside, lick the door and turn the lights off. We ran up stairs again cis he didn't get trapped and I flipped over the rail and hung and hid in the scaffolding underneath the deck. I didn't want touch the bars tho because they had webbs all over them and I didn't know what I was touching. I was sitting at a lil table right next to where I was with a bunch over itubers. I was sitting next to Boogie2988 and we were talking about my hand for some reason and then I saw a little hole in my hand. I was immediately grossed out because I thought it was like the Facebook video of a girl getting a black head pulled out of a hole in her ear. I opened it up a lol with pliers or something and saw a little growth that had a start formation. I opened my skin more and a long plant thing came out of my skin and it and was growing 4 more inside. I freaked out and ran down the dock again to a bunch of people talking. Among them was Gordon Ramsay who I believed was a doctor and was. I ran to him and he said "slow down there, I've got a knife I gotta look out for" I responded "and I've got something u need to look at aswell, come immediately!!" Dream ended there