Quiet Kid Loud Mind

Date: 6/27/2017

By dazedsadboy

Instagram: @dazedsadboy "Life is beautiful but reality is pain I never want to grow up I never want to age. I wanna be young forever I never want to change; especially for a piece of change. Let me be! Free me out my cage I promise I won't hurt myself no more mom, I promise I won't rage. I promise that I'll change for only the better. No matter the weather.. I'm wise but not clever. I'm nice but I'll never open up to you again, I thought you were my homie I thought you were my friend.. I thought I was your love I thought we'd dream forever of each other together inlove FUCK! I THOUGHT!.. I THINK TO MUCH and I just wish I didn't. Not because I had it and gave it all up last minute. But because words leave marks printed scares carved in my heart that won't depart. I wonder if they'll ever heal said the boy who cried wolf I ponder for a better feel but still tormented by FEAR.. My own thoughts.. I'm damaged I'm done. See they don't know how it was like growing up. Having relatives leave home and never coming back. Seeing pain in other people's eyes stuck to me as a kid. I was feeling sorry for the world now I'm feeling sorry for myself. And fuck professional help only one who can save you is yourself! I tried asking for help by talking to the mirror "GOD ARE YOU REALLY REAL?! IS ANY BODY HERE!!!!" No nothing... I got nothing! but I'm glad I stopped believing in organized religion/propaganda a product of our government to make populations go missing. it's clear to me that it's all a part of a Babylon agenda.. "THE BIG THING" "BEHOLD A PALE HORSE" "WARS" "SECRET SOCIETIES" "GENOCIDE" "NWO" "SLAVERY" "FREE WAR ZONE CAMPS FOR YOU AND ME. Whatever you want to call it. Man created religion to take money out your wallet and put you in a coffin. No disrespect though I only seek for peace. Mother is the life of all living things. Mother is earth, trees' the breeze plants breathe and everything else that we don't quite see. GOD IS THE UNIVERSE the creator of youth and curiosity. The power of will is my philosophy. Reaching higher consciousness my imagination is booming out this bitch. Meditation throughout astral projection I'm lucid dreaming into different dimensions. Went from drowning to falling from the sky. I'm something I know I am and i never died. I've never felt so alive before and "it was all a dream..?" Ever since I was a kid I knew there was more to life it seemed. I wish you can see what I see when I fall asleep at night cause I'm free I'm whole, I'm happy. And nothing makes more sense than that to me. Dreaming of a paradise with all my loved ones by my side sharing eternal life and unconditional love.. it was all a memory from inside" - Art Frank M.