Date: 4/16/2019

By alicia_retro

soo I’m madly in love with Donald Glover and have been since the 7th grade. In the dream I was at my school and me and a bunch of other girls were called down to the office to go see a teacher or principal or something. I was ahead of everyone so I knocked on the door and got irritated quick because nobody answered. Then a few seconds later DONALD GLOVER came walking out of the room to surprise us like we were on Ellen. Again I was ahead of everyone so I LEAPED on him and gave him a hug and was crying like crazy because he’s my whole idol. We all had a little party in the room dancing and singing to his music it was amazing. His beard is currently black and blonde and grey irl and in the dream you could still see all those colors it was amazing and that’s probably the closest I’m ever gonna get to him :(