The Surprise of the Mall on the Mountains

Date: 9/1/2019

By Joven8888

It was a foggy but bright morning, my sister and I went to a huge mall with many floors, lifted on top of the mountains, resembling the ones in Baguio City. We entered the mall and shop the things we need. I left my sister on the ground floor, and I needed to ride the elevator with a steel door but transparent (glass) surface because I was going to get something. But then, I pressed the wrong button, a woman entered and blocked the steel door with her hand; then, other people went in and the elevator closed and went up the highest floor. The next destination was going down, but then the number flashed started accelerating and we could see the elevator going down very rapidly, but I thought it was just normal. For every floor of the last few floors before the ground floor, the elevator would stop and swing back and forth violently with the doors still closed. That continued until we reached the ground floor. As we reached the lowest floor, there was a sound that indicated we could go down, but there was another weird sound that seems to have indicated the beginning of a timer; and I saw that there was a bomb near us. So, I ran rapidly and looked for my sister, I told her that we should run now because the place is about to explode, but she was too slow and I was getting ahead of her because there were too many people in her way. I ran back and held her hand and ran as fast as we can to reach outside the building which was close enough. When I reached outside, I looked at the building, expecting it to be on fire, but it's still not. We ran farther and waited outside; there were many people outside, but it seems like only a few were aware of what's happening. We waited but then nothing happened, neither the building explode nor it was on fire. But with our fright, my sister and I decided not to return anymore.