Date: 7/12/2019

By harmie

I was walking around with kaiya some black girl davin and Trevor. There was this secret organization going after us and this one guy in particular was after us at night around New ring gold. He pulled up in a hummer and said he would go around town three times and then he’d be after us. He’d notice if people were missing. He had guys on exits of town to see if we tried to escape. I ran up the back alley to my house and got in thru the back door. I ran to dad who was in his chair and told him I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not and told him about all that happened. And how he said he’d kill us if we went for help. I sat down on the floor away from windows because cars were going by our house. It was scary but I got close to realizing it wasn’t a dream because I realized I didn’t know who the black girl was. Aunt Tracy ended coming over and then I woke up irl to my mom calling me on the phone.