Pterodactyl attack

Date: 7/12/2017

By Ms_Nightmare144

K so this was my dream last night.. it opened up with me on a bus playing Pokémon with my friends it ended with us screaming at each other so we decided that we would play with the dinosaur version of hatchimals. We unboxed the T. rex from the plastic egg and all was well but we also wanted to check out the pterodactyl egg ( I was 14 still) this egg looked and cut differently not odd yet but we didn't mind until what we cut out of the egg looked lifelike so we all backed up we all were terrified once we learned it was alive (the egg was around half the size of my dresser) it got up from the floor and erupted into power and flew out the window taking my friend with it I could only imagine he was a goner. I bust out my pen knife and suddenly we're in minecraft like I'm in minecraft world and I dig down with my friends and we build a bunker. We start to build weapons. My friend and I decided to go back up to the surface to check it out. I'm only armed with my pen knife but I'm apparently a warrior now. Now we are back to monarchy times. I'm the queens daughter aka the princess now but anyway we are at the surface and the pterodactyl swooped down and started attacking my friend so I start slashing at its face and Its finally dead. I head back to the castle which is now throwing fire balls at the village because they think that's where it is. I walk up to the castle with the pterodactyl hand in my hand and I'm covered in blood. The guards don't recognize me so I put on my bloody crown. I drop the hand or talon on the floor in front of the king and queen ( my parents) and the general then I walk to my room with blood trailing me and my dream ends there it was the first dream I remembered all of and every detail of so I thought I'd share it with you