Apart of Smosh

Date: 4/15/2017

By AbbyK

I was in the group Smosh from YouTube. We were filming some challenge video in my swimming pool and for the intro, I had to jump in and yell something. I kept messing up so we had to do it a bunch of times. Finally we got it and this man came with an exotic wild animal that I had never see before. It lived in the ocean, but could also live in the pool. It was dark blue and looked like a cross between a stingray and a spider. Shayne was holding it on his shoulder but Courtney and I were freaking out because it looked creepy. Then, we had to do this thing where we had to stand there and someone would scare you somehow. Courtney went first and Shayne had her lay on the ground and then blew up the ground beneath her and she fell into a hole with a trampoline. Noah was supposed to scare me, but all he did was just jump out at me and it didn't scare me at all. After that, I just remember everyone running around the yard because Shayne was holding something trying to chase everyone with it.