I Made A Mistake, Trash, Music

Date: 2/25/2019

By FrankRuden

I believe it was my sister’s birthday. My family and I were celebrating at the Salt Lake airport. I jumped off some stairs and tore off some skin on my left ankle upon landing. I didn’t feel any pain, though. I also broke some other things when I landed. Then there was a shift in dream scenes. Adam Goldberg (from the TV show “The Goldbergs”) broke his Sorry! board and got really devastated. He learned not to do daring things after that. Then there was a scene where trash was being collected from people’s cars, which were acting as campsites. I was living in one of those cars with my family I think. Then there was an orchestra concert/class being held in a gymnasium. I noticed the Aggies Elevated students (who took up more than half the class) were allowed to leave. After that there were only a few people remaining (I was one of the remaining ones).