A typical day in dream me’s life

Date: 4/5/2019

By baburubān

My Grandma was driving down a road nearby her house. It was super late, for her at least. I’m super worried about whether or not I look ok when we stop outside a cul-de-sac area. She says typically this drive shouldn’t have taken that long, and she’s just gonna drop me off here. I say that the house is just a 2 min walk from here, so that’s totally fine. It’s already 10, so that doesn’t matter much. I make my towards the right of the cul-de-sac and I go inside the house with the open door. I talk to my brother who’s really stressed about a performance he has to do. My aunt apparently asked him very last minute to do it. So I find her and yell at her for being rude to ask someone the night before to do a performance for you. She listened to the entire rant and was very understanding. She said she would do something like that ever again. I’m now in my bedroom. This girl is helping me wash my windows and is just a girl I’m hanging out with. She has cool tan skin and dark hair. Then a moment later we’re in my bed, and I keep rubbing my cold feet against her body and she keeps rubbing hers against mine. It’s bright outside. We cuddle, and I am very happy. Then I go to work with Keelyn. I don’t remember much of this part. It’s in this weird, side yard shaped area, outside, ivy covering everything, stone floor, and the walls were black metal gates. I’m pretty sure we were... washing things? A classmate comes over and asks about the project we have tomorrow and the cast party, and I can’t say much about it. Shift ends, the classmate takes me over to the swing set to get my stuff and there’s another girl there. We all talk about making a gold cake in baking and the guy is super excited about it. At school we’re at WCI but instead of the first hallway with bridges it’s a steep hill kinda. It seems like everyone and their mother is out on the courts. I get distracted by Brooke and Taylor who aren’t supposed to be here (I make quick eye contact with Jack who was next to I’m assuming Kam) and rush over to find a group. I’m late so they pair me in a group with Jordan, Ankhbayar, Caroline, and Christian, and boy is it awkward. We’re doing CPR or whatever and I practice on Jordan and I do it horribly only because I don’t care and I just want to leave. When we all do leave, I rush to be in the front of the group so I can get out of there. I see Ethan as I’m walking up the hill, and he’s wearing black pants, a little bit more facial hair, and a handsome smile. I think about how I miss him. I look behind me and there’s Brooke and I regret inviting her for some reason. I’m excited for the party that night. Then I get some disturbing imagery of Saramia and something’s wrong with her teeth and she’s saying something to me but I don’t remember what woops.