Repairing my laptop.

Date: 4/8/2019

By Kalvock

My laptop was broken and after taking a trip to idk where, my moms friend attempted to fix it, we found a second laptop which seemed to run on windows 7. After ignoring me of the original laptop my moms friend finally looked into mine, however my grandfather who was there with us told my moms friend to shut up. We later left to go to my house where my laptop was no where to be seen. So I pick up my phone and got a phone call from my moms friend with her saying that she hates me but it was weirdly framed, it was as if she was talking to my mom. "I hate your son." However it was not my moms friends voice it was a Male, there were more sentences but I could not figure it out, the weirdest thing was that in dreams its rumored that you cant see your reflection. But that's when my phone went dark and I saw... me, my own self not someone else and the message kept playing. I look back to the phone to see that there was a link after clicking it there was a 8 hour video of this guy saying "I hate your son, I want nothing to do with him." And the voice got more and more angry. Thats when I woke up to my leg and my arm in extreme pain I guess from Locking off.