Date: 7/29/2017

By Tomboy10156

I didn't start out as supergirl but we were throwing water balloons at each other and we needed to refill and we were refilling the water balloons with mud but the mud maker machine broke and I had a kid wth me so I started to dig and I got deep down with the kid but the the dirt started to collapse down on us and there was another team digging my dad and three other people also so I called down how are the Argents and (another last name I don't remember) doing and they said great so we climbed back up and we were in a theatre and I realized that I was supergirl but I couldn't fly and someone said why don't I use my super strength to dig and I realized that that wasn't working either but then I realized that I needed to believe that I could fly in order to fly so I jumped off the stage into the crowd at the theatre and almost hit them I was just barley hovering above them and then my flying malfunctioned and I went to the side and did like four cartwheels on my knees and then I got up and tried to jump in the air to fly but I just fell back down then me and mon-el rushed outside to fight the riddler (who was actually Peter Pan) and he and his side kick started shooting at us but we were bullet proof then the riddler pulled out a gun that shot lead and I stood in front of mon-el to protect him from getting hurt and then they left and I told mon-el how weak I was because I couldn't fly and the riddlers sidekick came back and told me that I wasn't weak and how I was stronger than ten dice and then the riddler came back and pulled him away(the end)