Faulty shut down

Date: 4/5/2017

By caramelpb

As I was feeling into a deep sleep I slightly opened my eyes. This caused what it felt like my brain crashing, i could see static and heard noises like a computer crashing as well as see my wall and arm which was beside my head on the pillow. It was like my brain wanted to turn off but my eyes were still viewing what was in front of me. After a minute of this crashing music started playing ( it was like dance club music I think it was Dizzee rascal) and I began too see a second copy of my arm raise out of the other. I was leaving my body to dizzee rascal, and once I had fully left I started spinning uncontrollably as the music got loaded. I knew it was a dream of some sort so I tried to control it, I tried to stop spinning and get on my feet but I accidentally opened my eyes which woke me up. Also after I woke up I felt twitching around my head/neck, like small electrical shocks. Anyone else experienced anything like this?