Going to space

Date: 7/15/2017

By linfengcollins

So this one I absolutely had to write down. It's been quite a while. I honestly remember quite a linear timeline for this dream, which doesn't usually happen. So first, it was the last day of first year of college. The sun was shining bright at barnard and people were moving out. It was melancholy but also exciting. Gabby gave me a barnard pamphlet for grad school! I hadn't known that barnard offered grad school. I was then subject to a birds eye view of Columbia and barnard. To my surprise, barnard was as big as Columbia, except everything was a deep crystal blue instead of greenish blue. It was beautiful. I saw all the buildings for separate graduate degrees and got really excited about attending barnard for grad school. At some point, Drazen and I were at this guy's massive warehouse. It was huge, one room, and could probably store a few airplanes. Instead of machinery though, there were just prints of his artwork everywhere. Stuck to the walls and the ceilings. They varied from 4$ to 30$ and we're all big prints on thick boards. Drazen asked him to get for him a Mickey Mouse one, family guy, and I forget the rest. The guy had a huge line of people inside the warehouse waiting for him to get them posters because they were stuck really high, but he was willing to get Drazen like four posters that only cost 8$ each. After that, I saw some elementary school classes sectioned off in the warehouse. They were probably Doing a field trip. Except I recognized them as my class from the brown school when they were very young. At some point I went around to the other small rooms at the very sides of the warehouse and there were even cooler posters. The posters were videos that if you walked by them, would run. I didn't buy them though because they would clash with my room and they were mostly of underwater scenes. So that happened and then I was back at the big room where schools were lined up and I had a new sense of purpose. Some girl was doing favors for this guy so that he would like her or go with her on a mission. I autochthonously knew that her mission was going into space and she needed to get someone to run the control computer on the spaceship. The guy accepted her favors but refused to do anymore than the minimal amount of work that was needed to run the ship. She disappointedly dropped him. I somehow knew that Mei and my mom and Lao Lao were part of this mission, and we went on a simulation of the ship to get ready. The ship made me insanely claustrophobic. I thought I would go crazy. I noted that I should get anti claustrophobia pills. There was that fear, but also others. As someone in my dream noted later, there was the feeling of close consciousness. That you were separated from the consciousness of the deep dark vacuum by a metal shell, and that was going to be hard for me. I came out of the simulation pretty worried about how I would fare in the mission. We would be on board for weeks, going to the moon. My mom mentioned that videos of the experiences of beings who had passed by the area would be projected hallucinogenically to our brains when we went near the moon. She basically said there was no way to know what we would find there. That gave me the chills. So we left the simulation and started traveling towards the site of takeoff. We still didn't have anybody to run the controls though. We were on a boat heading to the shore and my old teacher mr. Weaver was on it. He said that he had heard about my mission. Apparently the whole world knew! He said he was extremely proud of me. I felt so so happy about that. I told him that he was part of the reason why, and he almost cried. I gave him a hug. I wasn't actually sure he had played a big part but I told him because I was in the mood to make someone feel good. We were still looking for a controls person. I suddenly realized mr weaver could do it! He was good at math. We asked him but he couldn't for some reason I forget. I knew inside that I would love to man the controls and that I could probably learn how to do it well. It was a matter of trusting myself and trusting the ship. I went up to a simulation of the controls and started clicking around. It seemed straightforward, and very exciting. There was a place to log how much each person slept. A place to log everything about our lives. I realized that part of the research was on us too. There were buttons to press when we flew into a nebula and if an asteroid was nearby, etc. I felt how I usually do when I'm presented with a golden opportunity-- scared but ready to take on the challenge. I forgot to add that there was a part in this dream where I dropped a is with Drazen. I only took a fraction of the tab but he took a whole one. (We have both never done it before). We didn't feel it at first but in a few hours it hit us at the same time. What I saw made me instantly close my eyes. My right eye adopted an ability to zoom in on objects and Did so on the blankets in my bed. My left eye did not do this though. Everything was undulating and making me feel sick. It just felt like an extreme high with visuals. Time was very slow. I shut my eyes. At some point later in the dream, a nondescript person said about LSD, "everybody needs it but it's not always perfect"