Pt. 2: Friends

Date: 4/21/2017

By yourmom

While I was running I all of a sudden appeared in this large room and there was this huge window that showed me my schools admin where the hot guy was and he was sitting in the car this time with some super hot chicks and as I was staring and admiring him from afar another classmate of mine which I'll call H was there and oh my lord is he so annoying but in the dream he started talking to me and he was so sweet and i later on found out he was bi which is weird since that piece of crap is most probably a homophobe and as we were watching those rich dudes we saw two small pretty birds fighting over half a lemon and we thought that it was so normal and cute and one of the birds carried it with its beak like y'all the lemon was larger than the bird and we were laughing at how adorable these two were then some girls I knew where came in and where laughing and were talking and staring at the hot guy so H moved away as he was talking to me so since we were already walking I asked if we could walk back to my class to get my bag so as we were walking we ended up being in this bizarre neighborhood that looked amazing all the buildings where huge and fancy most of them were brown but there were a few colored places and for some reason we started talking about Thailand then my close friend Malak was there talking with us and she said that she knew Thai and that her Thai name was Teresa and so H said that he'd been there a few times and said he had many Thai names like Rachel and all those female American names which I have no idea how they have anything to do with Thailand and he was hilarious and so nice and for some reason the real me was thinking I hope I don't end up in crushing on this guy because of this because honestly this guy is terrible loud and soooooo annoying and then we started talking about his younger sister (who doesn't exist btw) and how it's so hard to impress her and make her like you and though I've never seen her I said that she was so cute and I wanted her to like me so I asked what I could do so that she would and so he said how she'd want to be taken to a concert so that she could be the singer there so she appeared somehow and so I took her to the admin where all the rich people where so that she could so be there but it had changed and it turned out to be my parents room so I put her on the bed and she started singing and I started making those hand motions as if I were playing a violin but I was moving so wildly like it was a rock band I then woke up and it turned out that my meeting her was a dream in my dream and since I accomplished in making her like me in my dream then there'd be a high chance that she'd like me in my real-life-dream so he told me to impress her today I'd need to eat her food because she doesn't like eating that much and so on my way I just knew that she liked me without me doing anything and I woke up