Singing, swinging, and...arguing over a toaster?

Date: 8/20/2019

By evp722

I was in front of a stage at a huge auditorium. The stage was cracked in some places and the curtains were ripped, so I could tell it was old. The platform of the stage suddenly lowered to the ground, and my old theater teacher came swinging across the stage attached to ropes. As she was flying through the air, she was yelling something really loudly. I don’t remember what she was saying, but it was apparently VERY important. Suddenly, I was on the ropes and my theater teacher was gone, and a whole audience appeared in front of the stage. I just started to sing something as I was swinging back and forth across the stage. There were no props onstage, no other performers there. Just me, swinging on stage, singing (I assume really terribly). Then I was suddenly on my bed FaceTiming my friend. She was singing something (don’t remember what) but it sounded good in my dream. After she was done, she told me “Ella, now YOU sing!” But before I could even think about singing, I was teleported to my kitchen. I opened the freezer and decided to toast some blueberry toaster strudels while I was at it. As I started to put the pastries in the toaster, my brother walked in and grabbed the remaining toaster strudels and tried to replace mine with his. I was mad that he not only took the last of the strudels, he was trying to steal the toaster. I told him to wait his turn, and he said “NO!”. He then tried to sabotage my strudels by burning them, but I wouldn’t let him. Before I could finish cooking my strudels, I was back on my bed upstairs, again FaceTiming my friend Gabbie. She kept urging me to sing. I, hesitantly, started singing the song she was singing before (I don’t remember what it was or if it was even a real song). I sang a little by myself, and then she came in and we harmonized. I remember it actually sounded good to my dream self. I woke up as soon as we finished the song.