Russia and defecting Regina

Date: 6/12/2019

By WhiteMist17

Dream June 10 night I had a dream I was on a strategic prayer assignment to Russia and I had to get this team from one place to another. I was getting instructions by a Russian about how to get the boat to Bolshevik. ?sp He was instructing me on how to say the words so that others would understand me because he had to go. My team was scattered so I went back to fetch them and one man had wandered off into the part where they were doing drugs and I had to drag him out of there with a needle in his arm. He got medical attention and was laying on a mat I went to look for a man that looks like Winchester off of MASH. He was being stubborn and thought he knew better how to find the book than us, but wasn’t following protocol. I said we have to get back to Regina at bolshevik. There was some talk of Leningrad. But we weren’t going there yet. I got Winchester to the boat area. I went back after the other man and he had gone back to the camp where they did drugs. I was furious until I got there and talk to him. I realize that he had been doing that or pretending to do that in order to get the books that they had. The people at the camp left or turn their back‘s and I told him to grab the book and we would run. We ran back to the boat area. It was time to eat, all they had were bratwurst without buns. So we ate. Eodair Next scene. Different dream. I walk up to talk to Eric. He is really excited about his new ministry, I am so confused. Mickie comes up and was talking about you have to take a risk but when it’s time to go you know it. They’re moving boxes and stuff. Debbie walks up and says I feel God all over this and they are all talking about that radio station that they will have. I said does Regina know you guys are leaving? Eric said no. I don’t need to talk to her. I said she’s your apostolic oversight. They started ignoring me and I was panicked. I felt like my heart was being crushed into 1 million pieces. I said you can’t leave Regina! They weren’t listening anymore but making plans and Eric was the new “leader”.