Digital art, After stumbling upon a hidden passage concealed behind bars in Walmart, two friends with roller skate shoes cautiously descend into a secret corridor, alertly looking over their shoulders to ensure their covert discovery remains untouched.

Secret passage in Walmart

Date: 3/26/2017

By Hikertrash48

In the dream I was just wandering around Walmart. The shoes I was wearing were regular shoes but hat wheels on the bottom like skates. At some point I found my friend Elizabeth. She tells me to go find her mom and tell her that she needs her. So I start skating off when Elizabeth appears again. We some how ended up finding a secret corridor that was hidden behind bars. We used the bars to lower ourselves down and continued walking checking to make sure no one was following us.

AI generated interpretation The dream takes place mainly in a Walmart, which often symbolizes consumerism, a desire for material possessions, or a feeling of being overwhelmed by choices and options. The presence of regular shoes with wheels suggests a desire for mobility and flexibility in navigating through the various options and possibilities in your life. Encountering your friend Elizabeth in the dream may represent a familiar and supportive presence in your waking life. Her request for you to find her mom and tell her that she needs her could symbolize a need for nurturing or guidance, perhaps indicating a desire for support or assistance from a maternal figure. The discovery of a secret corridor hidden behind bars reveals a subconscious desire for exploration and adventure, as well as a need for privacy or seclusion. This may suggest a part of you that wants to break free from the constraints and expectations of society and find your own path. Lowering yourselves down using the bars could symbolize overcoming obstacles or finding unusual methods to achieve your goals. The act of walking cautiously and checking if anyone is following you signifies a sense of caution, awareness, or perhaps a fear of being watched or judged. This may reflect a desire to protect yourself or maintain secrecy in certain aspects of your life. Overall, the dream suggests a longing for freedom, exploration, and independence, while also highlighting a need for support and guidance. It indicates a desire to break away from societal expectations and search for your own unique path, but also a concern about the possibility of being observed or judged in the process.