Tornado twister

Date: 3/13/2017

By laramc

I'm sitting in my bedroom, looking out of my window during the day, when I see these clouds resembling the shape of a stimuli. (In the stomach lining or something idk?) And I look and ask my father if they are twisters (tornados). He says they are, and the second the words leave his mouth, one increases in size and hits the earth on my horizon. It is large and destructive. It is now night. For some reason, this twister appears to be a body of light, as it casts a shine where ever it hits. It is eerily beautiful. I can still picture it now as I look out my window. Before, I could not see the land, as it was too dark, but now the twister reveals a large body of water (which isn't actually there irl) and the tornado reflects light on the water. It creeps closer and closer, alarming, yet seemingly harmless. Closer and closer it comes, until it is right out my window. The sound is astonishing. A cover my ears and my heads starts to hurt. Then I wake up.